Agricultural and Agro-food cooperative: farmers have pooled human and financial resources to develop their agricultural production in line with the expectations of the citizen.

4 processing sectors in Milk, Vegetables, Beverages and Meat allow them to valorise their agricultural production by meeting the consumer’s expectations.


Nicolas LAIGLE, General Manager of the Agricultural Division

When and how did the history of your company begin?

AGRIAL was born in 2000 from the merger of three cooperatives in Lower Normandy and has its roots in more than a century of agricultural cooperation history. Today, Agrial’s 12,000 farmer-members and 21,200 employees embody the company’s values: sustainability, proximity, solidarity and boldness. In 2020, the Group achieved a turnover of 6 billion euros.

What were the major stages and projects that marked the growth of your company?

2000 : AGRALCO+CAN+ORCAL (14/50/61)

2009 : +UNION 7 (53/37/72)

2011 : +ELLE & VIRE (14)

2015 : +CORALIS (35)

2016 : +EURIAL (56/44/85/79/36/86)

How has the Normandy Region supported you?

Agrial has maintained close relations with all the components of the Normandy region. They have provided us with both technical and economic support for our various industrial projects. Our group participates actively in the initiatives led by the region.

What are your development ambitions for the future?

Our main objective, together with all our members, is to develop quality local production that meets the demands of today’s consumers.

We have launched the “Strategic 2025” plan, which aims to drive and organise the development of the Agrial Group over the next decade in a changing world. This commitment is defined in 5 strategic areas:

  • strengthening and modernising our cooperative project
  • to conquer value-creating markets
  • cultivate operational excellence
  • being at the forefront of new models
  • deploying agriculture for well-being