Laboratoire Dielen

Laboratoire Dielen is a family business specialized in marine biotechnology and expert in bioactivity since 1978. We develop, produce and market patented and clinically tested products of natural health through prescription and advice from health professionals, mainly doctors and pharmacists. Our natural active ingredients are also used for veterinary health applications.


Paul Violette – Director of the Laboratoire Dielen & 

Sarah Oddoux – RD Manager

Laboratoire Dielen in few words

The story of Dielen began with the meeting of a nutritionist, Bernard Noel, and a veterinarian, Michel Lefevre, in 1978. Passionate about nutrition and eager to improve the health of the dairy herds they were responsible for, Bernard Noel and Michel Lefevre were inspired by Asian pharmacopoeia and research work carried out at the Pasteur Hospital to start exploring the use of enzymatic hydrolysis applied to fish co-products. After rich professional backgrounds, Bernard Noel’s son and Michel Lefevre’s grandson joined forces in 2016 to run the company.

Thanks the encouraging results obtained on zootechnical criteria, Bernard Noel approached the metabolic diseases department of the Tenon Hospital, directed by Professor Cloarec, in the 1990s to initiate the first clinical work by testing the association of marine bioactive peptides with Omega 3. The Laboratory then multiplied its developments in association with renowned research centers and university teams.

This led to the development of the Gabolysats and Promerim ranges of marine bioactive peptides which today cover numerous indications (stress, inflammation, reconstruction, blood pressure, etc.). Combined with other ingredients, these marine bioactive peptides have made it possible to compose a range of 11 clinically tested products that respond to everyday health problems: anxiety, sleep, memory, pregnancy, cholesterol, joints, etc… The Laboratory first developed abroad via distributors, and has been successful in its development on the pharmacy market in France since 2018. The Laboratory has published 5 scientific articles since 2021.

Support from the Normandy Region

The Normandy region, through the services of the AD Normandie, the CCI and the Region, has been a real partner for the Laboratory for years. They support Dielen through the research and development programs that we set up. They also accompany Dielen in its commercial development, particularly in export, and can also provide support on various subjects that mark the development of the company.
The people we work with know the company well and have a mutual trust, which makes for very effective support.

A path to the future

In the future, Dielen will continue to invest heavily in science and research for natural health. “We want to broaden the range of marine ingredients and finished products we have available to move towards new sourcing and new health functionalities. We want to continue and accelerate our development in pharmacies on a national scale to become one of the quality references in the market. We will also have to support our new international partners as best we can, with 4 launches in new countries planned over the next 6 months and new prospecting underway.