Impulse development

Encourage and support tangible and intangible investment programmes of Norman companies relating to the creation of an establishment, its development, its diversification and the takeover of a company.

Type: repayable advance


Target(s) :


  • having at least one establishment in Normandy, registered in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) or the Trade Register (RM),
  • in the sectors of industry, services to industry (IT, digital, logistics excluding transport), manufacturing activities, agri-food excluding primary processing, wholesale trade

Objectives :

  • tangible investments of the company excluding land and real estate,
  • intangible investments (software in particular) when they complement tangible investments on a secondary basis.
  • The purchase of tangible and intangible assets, excluding transfer and consultancy costs,
  • the acquisition of a business, company shares, excluding reimbursement of partners’ current accounts and working capital requirements.

Maximum rate:



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