Helping hand

The Coup de Pouce grant is one of the financial tools put in place by the Region to support business creation or takeover projects.

Type: subsidy

Section: Businesses

Target(s) :

VSEs with less than 10 employees

Objectives :

To support the creation and takeover of VSEs* with fewer than 10 employees. The Coup de Pouce grant is a financing opportunity for the creation or takeover of a company. The grant is intended to give the project a leverage effect by strengthening the company’s equity capital.

Maximum rate:

grant corresponding to a maximum of 15% of the total financing needs of the creation or takeover project as set out in the initial financing plan of the project.

In the case of a creation, the aid is limited to €8,100.

In the case of a takeover, the aid is limited to €13,500.

For projects with a financing requirement of less than €6,000, the amount of aid is fixed at €900.


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